Miss Black Beauty Canada pageant sets out to annually showcase the talents, achievements and build the confidence of the best and brightest African/Black/Canadian between the ages of 17 and 27. The beauty contest event is created by Fabliss World Entertainment Inc. based in Toronto Canada to support (Sickle Cell Awareness Group of Ontario) Organization that educates Sickle Cell Disease Anemia. 

The Miss Black Beauty Canada Pageant is a community driven organization and is committed to addressing violence, health and education, which happen to be the three leading social issues in the Black Canadian community. This event will provide the young women in the African/Black/Canadian community with the rare opportunity to show their virtues with cultural pride, leadership, family value, and confidence to succeed in the culture-blended society.

For Over 5 Years, Fabliss World Entertainment Inc. has been working with community to make memorable events. Our greatest satisfaction comes from building ongoing partnerships where we have the opportunity to develop ideas and strategies from event to event. Our organization is proud to have developed strong relationship and assisted some of Charities within the community. The organization has participated in several community development projects and has provided in excess of 120 service hours for


It is the mission of Miss Black Beauty Canada organization to bridge the gap by creating a positive awareness through annually beauty contest to promote educational opportunities to outstanding and develop leadership among young black Canadian women.


Our goal is to promote the African Black community culture and performing arts development and awareness of our arts, customs, culture, philosophies and history through this Miss Black Beauty Canada Pageant.


Scago organization started June 14th, 2005 as Seed of Life Philanthropic Organization in memory of a brave young man- Sunday Afolabi. It has significantly contributed to the health and wellbeing of many Canadians tirelessly educating the community about Sickle Cell Anemia and its subsequent poverty; focusing more on how the incidences of these ailments could be reduced within the At- Risk communities. Miss Black Beauty Canada (MBBC) is to raise funds and awareness for the Sickle cell disease and fighting the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa & Canada.